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I found the coaching provided by Julian Sturton to be extremely valuable. Julian taught me a new framework and technology that enables me to more effectively achieve my business and professional goals. This technology is very focused and strategic and is tremendously useful.

Marla Isackson
Co-Founder, Heart of Gold US, LLC. Former Chief Marketing Officer for Barnes & Noble and VP, American Express

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Julian Sturton has the profound ability to objectively view all situations and consider all perspectives in a manner that is not influenced by his own personal views. In this way he enables others to participate more fully and to realize there are no limits to what is possible.

— Anthony J. Maddaluna, Vice President, Global Manufacturing Strategy and Supply Network Transformation, Pfizer, Inc.

I consider my executive relationship with Julian Sturton to have been extremely important. Together we developed a rigorous and yet flexible structure to embrace the possibility that is present, but hidden in everyone behind their expectations of what will probably happen. You can choose to either embrace possibility or let the world pass you by. Over the course of my leadership training, I have used what I learned about personal power, accountability, and setting goals and objectives, to achieve what Julian calls, “specific, quantifiable and measurable results.” There’s no coddling involved in this process. So if you are not prepared to be a leader, then you needn’t entertain thoughts of leadership training with The Language of Leading.

— Eric Wakin, Former Editor-in-Chief, Ernst & Young Online


The Business of Leading Method teaches you the primacy of your own purpose, then quickly enables you to extrapolate purpose into measurable, ascertainable goals. It is a rigorous system requiring time and discipline. Virtually every hour spent produces outcomes that, in all honesty, I believe I would not have achieved but for the method. I have introduced my partners to the method, and they are uniformly gratified with its results.

— William A. Newman, Partner, Sullivan & Worcester LLP

At first you’ll think, ‘I don’t know how long it’s going to take. I’m not quite sure where we’re going.’ But what you’re going to gain is: You’re going to know your own purpose. You’ll know how and when you’re on purpose. You’ll have discernible metrics for that purpose. Once you know these things, you’ll be able to interface and respond to everyone around you based on them. Until you’re grounded with your own purpose, there’s no way you’ll be able to interact effectively or enroll anyone else. When you do, you’ll be able to influence others’ actions. That’s what you get with The Language of Leading.

— Senior Executive, iLoop Mobile

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Each of us, at some point in our lives, reaches the desolate plateau where dreams end, whereupon the realization hits us that, “I’ve gone as far as I can… I can’t take any more… I’m destined to remain in this unhappy, unsatisfying place for the rest of my sorry days.” And time begins to pass, and we trudge endlessly toward nothing meaningful or fulfilling, honestly believing that we are powerless to change what we are doing, what we have, and how we might impact other people’s lives.

Working with The Business of Leading and Julian Sturton led me out of this morass and toward a path of self-actualization by charting a course toward relatedness with my work, my family and my world. Adopting his operating system has caused validity and purpose to be restored - replacing being overwhelmed with an overwhelming sense of well-being. Business prospers now, harmony prevails at home, and I am empowered to reach out to the world again with confidence and the knowledge that it has endless possibilities and I have countless ways to cause progress.

— Rita C. Levitt, Senior V.P. and Portfolio Management Director, Smith Barney

Relatively few development programs foster fundamental transformations in the structure of your leadership skills. Working with The Business of Leading and Julian Sturton has succeeded in providing the forum and opportunity for me to refine my leadership techniques and strategies. The purpose is defined, the goals are clear and the structure established. The result is an empowered leadership profile. The program is demanding and excellent!

— John Mancuso, Vice President
Team Leader, Gobal Logistics, Pfizer Inc.