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Julian Sturton

Helping you make a difference — with every conversation

My Commitment to You

By virtue of The Language of Leading, I am committed to helping you achieve anything you are willing to stand for.

In the Leading Conversations blog, we can explore and share together the questions, discoveries and resources we encounter along the way.

Throughout my career, I put the Language of Leading to the test in a variety of executive positions with diverse people around the world. I am in my element when I am helping people overcome seemingly impossible conditions. As your coach, I will teach you to learn and employ the Language of Leading so that you, too, can achieve unprecedented results.

Dealing with upsets

Doing what has never been achieved before requires putting at stake everything you value. When you set about doing something that’s never been done before, by some degree you cause an approach that has never been spoken of. The task is difficult. Obstacles get in the way. People are propelled beyond their normal safety zones. Therefore, by basing your life on what is at stake, you must deal with upsets.

A different perspective

As your coach, I am responsible for the actions you will have taken to produce the results you will be held accountable for and are willing to stand for. I will help you articulate the necessary dialogs so that your conversations are no longer conditioned by prejudices.

Results-oriented approach

The Language of Leading provides for you a framework to think and communicate with total objectivity. This framework is a precise structured interaction between people that opens new possibilities. When you apply this approach, you will accomplish results beyond any prior perspective you may have ever had about achieving such daunting goals.