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I found the coaching provided by Julian Sturton to be extremely valuable. Julian taught me a new framework and technology that enables me to more effectively achieve my business and professional goals. This technology is very focused and strategic and is tremendously useful.

Marla Isackson
Co-Founder, Heart of Gold US, LLC. Former Chief Marketing Officer for Barnes & Noble and VP, American Express

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One thing I learned from Julian is how to become a non-threatening person. The way I become non-threatening is by not being "on myself". I communicate more clearly. And I can pass the responsibility to the other person. They can think more clearly to respond back. With The Language of Leading, you can lead by example.

What is different about The Language of Leading is the in-depth focus on the foundation, the operations — and everything that encompasses them. The other leadership programs are like just having a recipe book. You can buy a 500-page recipe book, and maybe you get a couple of good recipes out of it. But until you know the fundamentals, you won’t be effective. The Language of Leading is like having the fundamentals of anything, and the synergy that comes from that.

For me, it’s always been about results. If I can’t deliver the product, then how effective has my development been? For me, it was always about the monetary results and how you get there. However, I’ll tell you another area where I’m really seeing results. It could be because my kids are getting a little older, but what a big difference there! We’ve always had a good relationship, but you could go through your whole life with mediocrity. Now my conversations with my kids are fantastic. They are the generation I’m most interested in because that’s the future of this world right now.

Eventually, it comes down to ‘Do you want to lead, or do you want to follow?’ You need to answer that. Management is about solving challenges. Leadership is about changing culture and mood. So what do you want to do? If you want to solve challenges at work, go into management. Leadership is not about changing other people, it’s about changing yourself. You have to lead yourself before you can lead others. By self-reflection, you can learn about your own internal upsets, your own internal challenges, and your ability to acknowledge those. Through self-reflection, you learn empathy for others. That’s what you learn from working with Julian.

It’s about raising your consciousness. And even though there are other seminars out there that talk about it, I think other methods are one-dimensional. The Language of Leading becomes much more multi-dimensional than anything else I’ve done. In the beginning of my conversations with Julian, he asked a lot of questions. It’s funny because you start to recognize things, where you say, ‘Of course I know what that is’. But nobody has ever asked me to explain. It all comes down to thinking about what you’re doing. And it becomes more natural the more you do it. Julian is very good at picking words apart. At times it’s going back to the Latin root, even though it’s not as much about that as the syllables. It gives a different meaning to how you use words.

In hindsight now, I don’t know what I would have done without Julian and The Language of Leading.

The Language of Leading broadens your whole perspective on certain things. One of the reasons I began this work was my relationship with my boss. It was very difficult because I was looking to him for more leadership and interaction, and it wasn’t there. We operate in different styles, and we used to hit head-to-head all the time. It was difficult to the point where I shut off the relationship, and I just did my job. But a big part was missing. I reconciled myself to the fact that I could not go on this way and decided to re-build my relationship with my boss. Working with Julian, I gained the knowledge about how to approach this challenge. It is now for me one of the freeing aspects of operating. I was able to tell my boss what I needed, and it changed a lot of things for the better. The Language of Leading really makes a difference.

I would say it’s perhaps one of the most profound experiences that you will take on in your life. It will give you fun, freedom, fulfillment - it truly gives you that. First of all, it’s an acknowledgement of what you already know. Then it allows you to become more proficient in what you’re doing.

The things I like are not just about The Language of Leading. Julian is an interesting character and a very knowledgeable person. We didn’t just talk about business. We talked about Einstein, nomads in Afghanistan, about traveling and books; so many things. I was impressed with his big intellectual horizon; so every time you talk with him, it’s worthwhile. Using examples from other places, you’re able to connect and see other perspectives, other approaches. I like The Language of Leading because it is very straightforward. There was one point I was struggling. But as I look back on it now, it was all for my benefit.

Yes, Julian made it simple. He simplifies any business as products and services, finance, and relationships. I’ve tested this so many times, and no-one has ever argued with me. You can address any situation from anywhere with those three. But you can’t really succeed without all three of them. A project - or anything really - is all about enrollment, alignment, and accountability.

I never got that far working on other leadership development programs. Looking at all the things I’ve done in my life, I know when I’m there; when I arrive at something. I don’t just jump into things. I evaluate things, and I thought the value of The Language of Leading was very high. Julian refers to ‘fun, freedom, and fulfillment’. I have to say that as I’ve gone along, that’s exactly what it is.