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The Language of Leading is perhaps one of the most profound experiences you will take on in your life.

Fun, freedom, and fulfillment - it truly gives you that. First it’s an acknowledgement of what you already know. Then it allows you to become more proficient in what you’re doing.

Senior Vice President, Pfizer

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How We Work

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Your Language of Leading coaching curriculum is tailored specifically to your goals and situation — not a forced set of ideas or principles. Our process is designed as an inquiry and not a lecture — which can sometimes become another "you versus me" or "right versus wrong" scenario. You develop and fully embrace your own Language of Leading — a language that creates an environment and culture of fun, freedom and sense of fulfillment.

The format of our work

Your leadership development program begins with weekly 1-on-1 conversations, conducted as interactive inquiries in person or by phone. Depending on the nature of the program you choose, we also work with you and your team members in groups. There is no limit to the number of participants.

Over a period of 6-12 months, you will transform your situation and begin achieving results by putting your new tools into practice. Because of the systematic approach for learning and applying The Language of Leading, you will dynamically change, sometimes radically, the entire course of your organization, of which you are a part. The results you achieve go beyond all previous success levels.

The fun, freedom and fulfillment factor

The language of leading is fun! You now have a distinctive choice about your future, not as an obligation, but as a full body of structured possibilities and proposals. The relevant tools enable you to fulfill your proposals as never before — challenging any part of the status quo without hesitation and without ever feeling threatened again. You will be substantially rewarded by being given the chance to step outside your safety zone.

Experience the results

The credible evidence of our work is shown by your Results and Breakthroughs causing:

Measurable increases in:

  • cost savings
  • efficiency in executive performance
  • revenue and profits
  • employee morale and retention

Measurable decreases or elimination of:

  • duplication of responsibilities
  • conflicts of interest
  • political side-taking