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Language creates the reality it seeks to describe.

The Reverend Desmond Tutu

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The Language of Leading

Conversations are our means to get things done. Conversations inspire actions and form agreements. Until there is a conversation, nothing happens.

When you speak The Language of Leading, your conversations make an impact. Improve the quality of your conversations, you build on and increase the value of your relationships. Increase your valuable relationships — your business grows.

— Julian Sturton

The Language of Leading equips you and your team with the systematic structure to achieve what you never before thought possible. More than a philosophy or method, The Language of Leading is an operating system and a comprehensive set of real-world tools and protocols that you use to make competitive distinctions. You will think more clearly and communicate more effectively, even in difficult situations.

Fundamental principles

The Language of Leading is based on fundamental principles. These principles include your mission in life; your purpose in life and the results to show for it. The centerpiece (the apex of the prism below) is the synergy of these principles that, when interconnected, generate greater results. Your mission, purpose and results together are the structure — your structure. We call this the structure of existence. This structure of existence conversation is the heart and center of our work. And it is the essence of the relationships you build with others.

Illustration: Fundamental Elements of The Language of Leading

Operating system

The Language of Leading becomes your business operating system, similar to how a computer’s operating system enables you to run different applications. However, The Language of Leading applies to every situation in every project. Applying this operating system, you can successfully let go of all defensive mechanisms that may have held you back until now.

Distinctions and tools

Just as you use mechanical tools to make things and get things done, you apply The Language of Leading distinctions in a similar precise way of speaking. The distinctions are used and applied in the form of a conversation we call The Language of Leading. Your distinctive conversations form a blueprint in much the same way an architect forms a blueprint to erect a building. It is a picture of the vital and relevant things that need to find a place in your life. As the leader or architect of your life, there will be others who will use your blueprint — those with whom you will build important and essential relationships.

The Front Line

As a leader, you are on the Front Line to achieve results. The Front Line is where conversations and actions take place and where you form agreements. Equipped with The Language of Leading operating system, distinctions and tools, you will make an impact — a real difference — with every conversation.