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In hindsight, I don’t know what I would have done without Julian and The Language of Leading.

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Who is The Language of Leading designed for?

The Language of Leading is especially designed to be applicable to any culture, nationality, race, religion, or human orientation. Therefore, extraordinary measures are taken to create The Language of Leading to be as basic and fundamental as language itself. The distinctions and tools are applicable to anyone and any situation.

What are typical client roles and personalities?

Client roles range from newly-appointed managers to senior executives in large global companies. They also include small business owners, sports figures, and nonprofit directors. Individuals are typically entrepreneurial, even if they work in large organizations. They are ambitious, yet open to considering and trying new ideas. Most importantly, they share a desire to make a significant and sustainable difference from the status quo. See Testimonials and More Testimonials.

I am already working with team-building groups and executive trainers in my company. Why should I change from what I am doing now?

There are many leadership development programs, methods, and tools to choose from. Some work well for particular projects they are designed for. Some inspire change for a brief period of time. Even with the abundance of so many great programs, organizations, teams, and individuals still cannot adapt and achieve sustainable results in changing global economies. The classic concepts of business and management are bankrupt. There is a need for a leadership system that is dynamic and applicable to any situation. The Language of Leading is a system that is both fundamental and memorable — by design. It is a framework that embraces all leadership frameworks. In fact, it increases the effectiveness of other development programs.

Different leadership programs and coaches are tailored to either personal, executive, team or corporate development. Which program is best for me?

Choosing the right coach can depend on a variety of criteria. Your choice of coach can come down to personality and compatibility. Alternatively, your choice can depend on where the primary motivation for leadership development originates — yourself or an organization who is funding the training. No matter where the motivational sources are, the coach’s personality and credentials, or whether you choose personal versus corporate development — all stakeholder expectations must be taken into account. Otherwise, overall results will fall short.

The Language of Leading is distinct in that you do not need to choose between personal, executive or corporate development coaching. All the fundamental facets of leadership are addressed. All stakeholders and expectations are identified and accounted for — to equip you with everything that is pertinent to your success.