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Everything is a conversation. The distinctions we make form the way we say and express things in every situation. The order in which we express distinctions impacts what we achieve and how.

Julian Sturton

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The Language of Leading is a powerful operating system because it is dynamic. No matter how complex or challenging your situation, The Language of Leading supports you in every conversation. Through this operating system, you will be equipped with a fundamental set of real-world tools that we call distinctions.

Some distinctions are simply previously heard expressions. But those expressions will now be reviewed and distinguished in as many ways as possible to address and resolve conflicts from all possible perspectives. Your distinctions determine the effective quality of your actions, your conversations, and most important of all — your relationships — through which you will produce sustainable results.

Vital tools

Speaking The Language of Leading and applying its distinctions, you will build connections that have substance. Your actions become synergistic and objective rather than linear and subjective.

Distinctions and tools include:

  • Five modes of speaking
  • Four essential characteristics of leading
  • Back and foreground conversations
  • The project leader format
  • Mission distinct from purpose


  • Upsets and challenges as a vicious circle
  • Three essential qualities of leading
  • Thinking versus thoughts
  • Accountability and responsibility
  • Constitutional leadership model

How we use distinctions

In your leadership development program, our conversations will be inquiries about particular distinctions. As we all do, you may begin with preconceived ideas or interpretations about some distinctions. You may also find that there are gaps or opportunities revealed along the way. Since our conversations are inquiries, we will explore all possible perspectives and distinctions to produce the results you are committed to.