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Truth versus Lies: An Inquiry

I do not mind lying; but I hate inaccuracy.

— Samuel Butler (1612-1680) British poet & satirist

  • Is the truth different from your own truth?
  • Are they the same according to all your responsibilities and response mechanisms in life?
  • Why do we lie?

Arguments for a Quality of Life

Arguments and the subsequent search for agreements take the worlds’ stage as the vehicles for the lies and truths we tell ourselves about what has happened and what is happening to us and our surroundings.

Arguments and the search for agreements are based on one persons’ interpretation of what happened versus another’s interpretation. The results following the arguments and search for agreements that are behind the truths and lies impact the way we understand everything and the way in which we seek a quality of life everywhere.

Our understanding of what exists in our universe is based on the following criteria:

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