Leading and the Art of Preparation
Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at 12:39PM
Julian Sturton in Preparation, competitive, leadership, preparation, relationship

When you are leading, you must be prepared to question and potentially undo any prevailing circumstance that stands in the way of yours or others’ progress and success.

You’re either fully prepared to make a difference at every moment, or else you are simply controlled and governed by your own sense of being right.

Yet, the one single hardest thing to do in life is to not take sides — especially at yours or someone else’s expense!

Ever since humans have existed, the context behind everything we do is to fight over our differences — to take sides over everything. That is until now.

Now we are able to be one species for the very first time. But we must be prepared to make the correct and acceptable choices about our relationships — the relationships we have with ourselves, with each other and with our surroundings.

When you are truly leading, you won’t be allowed to take sides simply because you react to something. You cannot take sides simply because you are in an uncomfortable or compromising position, or if it seems as though you are being forced into a particular situation. Otherwise your judgments will be fraught with prejudice, which will immediately dilute your ability to act and make a competitive difference.

To make a competitive difference, it is wise to be prepared to listen to all concerns and to make no final judgments. Then you must act either against that which is fundamentally evil or in support of that which is fundamentally good — with no sense of prejudicial judgment. Therein will lie your true sense of freedom.

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