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Freedom From Fear

Geometry does not teach us to draw these lines, but requires them to be drawn, for it requires that the learner should first be taught to describe these accurately before he enters upon geometry, then it shows how by these operations problems may be solved.

— Sir Isaac Newton, Philosophie Naturalis Principia Mathematica, 1686

Like the ultimate chicken and egg syndrome, Sir Isaac Newton said for geometry to exist, geometry itself demands that lines be drawn.

Throughout history we have been fighting over our differences; good versus evil, right versus wrong.

Now our very existence demands that distinctions be drawn.

Until now humanity has been fighting over its differences by forming opinions and taking positions on things to fight over. Perhaps, humanity now demands of us that distinctions be drawn only as a way of separating one fundamental thing from another — without ever siding with one opinion against another. One such distinction, fought over since time began, is fear versus love.

Fundamental distinctions

Fear and love behave as two fundamental guardians of life itself. Always on sentry duty. Side by side. They serve as life’s very own informants — to enable, empower and direct us as humans to take necessary actions. Fear and love determine the operation of our faculties within what we call ‘The Human Condition’. Therefore, fear and love are as fundamental as they are distinct.

As fundamental as it is, fear stands by itself. It is distinct from everything else. When you are fearful, you think and act out of fear. When you are not, you do not. You are never “sort of afraid”. In this respect, fear is as distinct as being pregnant. One is never “sort of pregnant”. You are in one state or another.

As fundamental as it is, love stands by itself. When you are loving, you think and act out of love. When you are not loving, you are something else. Being loving or fearful — you are distinct from everything else.

Distinguishing conversations

Fear begins as a conversation we have with ourselves. It serves to inform us that something harmful may happen to us or to someone else. But if this conversation is not distinguished, fear can become the dominant lens through which we view, respond and react to the world. Therefore, as humans, we seek the courage to overcome our fears.

Courage may not be the absence of fear. But having the courage of one’s own convictions is essential to overcome fear and to advance The Human Condition. Like fear and love, courage begins as a conversation with oneself. It is the ultimate truth you will tell about yourself — about who you really are. It is the conversation that defines that very moment we call our life, with no attachments to the past.

Truth is freedom

If we are continually honest in the conversations we have with ourselves, truth, like life itself, will show up in our thoughts and actions. It will make its own necessary distinction. As such, there will be no attachments or prejudices whatsoever to anything. The result is to have no motive for being afraid. Thereby, freedom.

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