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Leadership and intelligence are dynamic. You already have the power to become a greater leader.

We simply provide the tools.

Julian Sturton

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Leadership takes courage

Owning the courage of your own convictions makes a difference to the quality of your life and the lives of others. Achieving what has never been done before requires acting upon such courage. You're good at what you do. You're already successful, but...

We’ve all been there

Problems that prevent us from rising to our greatest potential are challenging. Sometimes they are subtle. You take courses, attend seminars and earn degrees. Then you find yourself in a difficult situation or conversation where the lessons learned don’t seem to apply.

What's needed

You already have the power to become a greater leader. Even so, most top performers work with a coach to build a solid foundation and to earn every advantage. We coach you on your leadership path and provide you with an operating system and powerfully dynamic tools that apply in any situation.

What's at stake?

Upsets are costly. Misunderstandings are costly. They can stop a project or totally destroy a company. Speaking The Language of Leading, you eliminate debilitating upsets. You remove suspicions and threats to establish a culture that consistently prevents upsets before they happen.

How valuable would it be if you could dynamically recognize and address upsets as they occur or prevent them from ever happening?

Imagine the benefits if you could increase your:

  • communication consistency & effectiveness
  • employee and team morale
  • fulfillment and sense of purpose in your work
  • work-life balance
  • sales and profits
  • sustainable results

What if you could eliminate or decrease:

  • distractions and nonproductive activities
  • chaos in your organization
  • fears and stress
  • recurring issues inhibiting progress
  • conflicts between yourself and others
  • second-guessing

The stakes are high

What is the cost of one misunderstanding? Of recurring misunderstandings?

One misunderstanding can lead to repetitive, time-consuming conversations and problem-solving. The more people involved, the greater the number of conversations. What is the cost in time and productivity for every meeting required to take corrective action? Hours? Days? Weeks? Months? Recurring misunderstandings reduce employee morale. Talented employees become frustrated and may leave the company. How much does it cost to find, hire and train talented people? In a competitive world, critical time is lost. Profits are lost.

What is the cost of one or more high-maintenance relationships?

As a leader and a manager, how much time do you spend dealing with personnel-related issues—not on business? Hours? Days? Every hour spent on personnel issues is one less hour to focus on strategy and competitive new ideas. Less time is available to spend developing productive relationships. Current accounts are lost. New relationship opportunities are lost. How much business can you afford to lose?

What is the cost of constant distractions and a lack of joy at work?

When we are not fully engaged, we are easily distracted. Distractions lead to limited productivity. Lack of engagement and productivity leads to continuous stress build-up. Stress affects our ability to build trusted and meaningful relationships. Fragmented relationships disconnect us from our passions, our purpose, and the people we care about. We end up sending the wrong messages to colleagues, partners and employees. What is the cost of this vicious cycle, personally and professionally?

Leaders prevail

Upsets are part of everyday life. You can express yourself when you are upset, particularly in the midst of challenging conversations and critical situations. The Language of Leading supports you when you might otherwise feel like giving up or reverting back to comfortable, but ineffective responses.