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The truth is not simply what you think it is; it is also the circumstances in which it is said, and to whom, why, and how it is said.

Václav Havel

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About Us

Since 1994, hundreds of people working with leadership coach, Julian Sturton, Founder & CEO of New York City-based The Business of Leading, Inc., have achieved breakthrough results — first by deciding to expand beyond the status quo — and then by applying the fundamental tools in The Language of Leading, that focus on what matters:

  • integrity of relationships
  • impeccability of products and services, and
  • mutual value or profitability to all stakeholders

Who are we?

The Business of Leading, Inc. is a worldwide leadership development company that works with entrepreneurs and corporate executives just like you, to confront the barriers that impede individual and team performance.

What makes us different?

FUNDAMENTAL principles.. To work with people of any culture, function, or industry and in any situation, we refine our methods and tools to be the simplest and most basic possible. From the laws of nature — to the principles of math and science — we apply what "makes sense" to you, and ultimately to others.

RESULTS matter. Together we distinguish all that is pertinent to your success — along with the thinking, activities, and behaviors that detract from it. When you can consistently observe these distinctions, you accomplish your goals. And you eliminate all past and present obstructions forever.