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I consider my executive relationship with Julian Sturton to have been extremely important. I use what I have learned about personal power, accountability, and setting goals and objectives, to achieve specific, quantifiable and measurable results.

Eric Wakin
Former Editor-in-Chief, Ernst & Young Online

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Speak The Language of Leading

Whether you are in business or working for any other cause, you have compelling reasons to make an impact, to innovate, and to push boundaries. So much is at stake — for your organization, your team, your family, and your community.

The Language of Leading transforms you from the status quo to your highest success level. Work with your coach to maximize your progress — as you embark on the adventure of discovering who you truly are by what you stand for, and the results to show for it.

Your success starts with your very first step. The time for action is NOW.

Earn the benefits

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Acquire the fundamental tools applicable in any situation to:

  • Increase trusted relationships
  • Communicate with conviction
  • Create true work-life balance

Generate sustainable results